CRICR was established on 12th Dec 2002 by Dr. Chandrashekara. S Rheumatologist. A unique one of its kind hospital in India, dedicated for management of patients suffering from Rheumatic Diseases (Musculoskeletal) and other Immunological diseases. It provides under one roof, a complete care to the patients suffering from Arthritis and other Immunological Diseases such as Immune-Deficiency Disorders, Allergic Disorders and Immuno-hematological disorders. This center is a tertiary reference facility.

CRICR has created a newly established infrastructure with modern and improved additional facilities with the amenities to accommodate more associated specialties and sub-specialties for the benefit of patients with a vision to deliver the best in the field of immunology & rheumatology. The new facility is fully equipped with modern technologies and it is aimed at providing a comprehensive specialty approach with in-patient, emergency and cutting-edge research facilities.

Specialists & Consultants
The center has added new features in the form of departments like Allergy, Clinical Immunology, Immuno-deficiency, integrated soft tissue and chronic pain management, joint preservation and restoration and has upgraded the existing departments like physiotherapy, orthotics, diet nutrition, obesity and lifestyle counselling, etc. These departments include new consultants and supported by felt need investigational support with the addition of equipment like X-ray, soft tissue ultrasound, Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) and other equipment like EEG machine for Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS), Doppler and Diagnostic Laboratory with Home blood sample collection. Apart from this CRICR has qualified Resident doctor Available 24hours for patient care and Emergency service supported by well-established Receptionist, Nursing staff, Paramedics, Housekeeping personnel.
The institute has strengthened its inpatient facility by the addition of needed emergency services, ICU with ventilator support and minor procedure room, etc.

Academics On the academic side, the institute has expanded its fellowship programme to a full time 2 years course to better train the candidates and to make the programme in tune with the other national and international centers. We would like to record here that, some of the scientific projects conducted by the fellowship students of the institute in the past 8 years have translated into 10 publications in national and international journals apart from the other publications of Dr. Chandrashekara. S and group from the institute.
Over the past decade Dr. Chandrashekara. S has published 7 volumes of physician reference books on “Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis – Question & Answer”. These books have undergone reprints and widely distributed receiving a critical review from physicians referring to them. The institute has also published reference books related to Rheumatology and other branches of medicine authored by other consultants.

In the year 2019, CRICR has marched with a few new developmental activities. This is in line with the same spirit of constant struggle for improvement in patient care, community awareness and research in the field of autoimmunity. With the idea of strengthening the specialist base in the CRICR for patient care and cater to the needed ancillary areas of autoimmune spectrum, we have added another qualified rheumatologist for consultation and a paediatric rheumatologist for exclusive childhood rheumatology cases. We have also created a separate department of Reproductive Immunology with a specialist in addition to the existing department of Allergy.

With the view of improving the counselling and advice given to the patients after diagnosis, we have added a few exclusive departments for better management of the treatment to the patient. Three important departments are functioning since a few months, like Lifestyle Intervention Clinic, Chronic Pain Management with Dry Needling and Acupuncture facilities and an improved Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic with personalized Yoga Therapy also. As in the previous years, we have conducted general community awareness programmes by way of five camps highlighting on Arthritis, Allergy, Osteoporosis, etc. CRICR was also involved in programmes like Radio / TV talks and Mini Walkathon on World Arthritis Day and World Lupus Day. As in the previous year, we are also continuing the monthly Specific Disease Patient and Care Givers Awareness and Counselling programmes. In the area of care givers training and health status, we had programmes on Hepatitis B Vaccination, after testing for vaccination status to all the staff of CRICR including booster dose. As a part of updating their training, we had a demonstration of CPRI process to all the staff. In the exclusive area of research, CRICR with the leadership of Dr. Chandrashekara. S, as embarked on a scientific enquiry process in the field of the evaluation of Host genes and Rheumatic and other autoimmune diseases by In Silico Modelling. This is for a possible newer and better perspective to understand a disease process, leading to improved management. In relation to this, a “Brain Storming” full day session was conducted with the participation of different experts from CRICR, CDL, IISc - Bengaluru, NCCS - Pune, JIPMER - Pondicherry and Statistical Expert from NIVEDI - Bengaluru.